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Blazed Minds Incorporated is about bringing glory to God (Allah)

Blazed is the representation of fire we should have within us. Minds are the representation of designers. 

The brain manages the whole body & without the mind, the brain cannot operate.

Blazed Minds Incorporated is a multifaceted business organization that was founded on September 4, 2020.


Blazed Minds Organizational Cleaning Services has been impactful to many individuals that have used these services. 

BMIxMGA Interviews are for artists around the world. We want to promote upcoming artists and musicians!

Prayer Calls are private and vital to all lives!


Blazed Minds Housing and Property Management are designed for all individuals looking for commercial and residential properties. We provide shelter for the homeless. We lease commercial property. We lease/rent/and sell homes. 

We also lease apartments for students who attend Blazed Minds Community College 


Blazed Minds Academy & Community College has created a new philosophy on the way school should be taught. Blazed Minds Schools are designed and orchestrated to teach the truth. Blazed Minds Academy instructs Prek through 12th grade.  We expect satisfactory results from our student's. We take pride in knowing that we reap what we sow. We dedicate our lives to bettering the future generations by letting them know they can become Entrepreneurs as long as they work hard!

One major Requirement for students is to participate in our on-campus gardens; each school site will have gardens that produce fruits, vegetables and herbs. This will act as community service by keeping our local community clean and prosperous.

All fruits and vegetables that our students produce will go to the Fresh Produce Market. 

Fresh Produce Market

The Fresh Produce Market is designed to provide the community with affordable produce. Students that attend Blazed Minds Academy (Ages 14+) or Community College may work at the Fresh Produce Market. This in itself creates job opportunities for students in school. Families that attend our schools are discounted when shopping with us, other families must pay full price. 


The Shops is for shopping and indulging in the wants and desires you long for!



She has incorporated her hobbies and distractions into business. "How Sway," you say?

The Blazed Minds Lifestyle

This network showcases all of Madison's Hobbies in one place. 


e-gift cards

Check Out the eGift Cards

Blazed Minds Incorporated is now offering electronic gift cards. These e-gift cards are accessable with Blazed Minds Organizational Cleaning Services, Blazed Minds Housing, Blazed Minds Fresh Produce Market, and Blazed Minds Shops. Live, Love, Shop! For more questions, contact bmishops.info@gmail.com