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Blazed Minds Incorporated was founded on September 4, 2020, by Madison Averhart. This is a multifaceted business organization that has many ideas incorporated into one. Madison has a passion for organizing; therefore, she has created her own business called Blazed Minds Organizational Cleaning Services. It has been impactful to many individuals that have used these services. 

Madison has begun to invest in real estate and plans on incorporating it throughout this website by flipping properties to rent, lease, and sell. 

Averhart is attending the University of Montevallo pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Her intentions after graduation are to Teach High School Biology while pursuing her Master's in Secondary Education.


Madison plans to create a new school system: Blazed Minds Academy & Community College by creating a new philosophy on the way school should be taught. Blazed Minds Academy instructs Prek through 12th grade. We expect satisfactory results from our student's performance. We take pride in knowing that we reap what we sow. We dedicate our lives to bettering the future generations by letting them know they can become Entrepreneurs, Business Men and Women, and they can make it to the (W)NBA, or NFL; whatever sport they play, they can make it as long as they work hard!

There are always lessons to be learned and stories to be told! Blazed Minds Schools wants to do more than just educate, we want to be involved. A PRIME requirement for students is to participate in our on-campus gardens; each school site will have gardens that produce fruits and vegetables. This will act as community service by keeping our local community clean and prosperous. All the products that our students have produced will go to the Fresh Produce Market. 

The Fresh Produce Market is for the local community. Students that attend Blazed Minds Academy (Ages 14+) or Community College may work at the Fresh Produce Market. This in itself creates job opportunities for students in school. Families that attend our schools are discounted when shopping with us, other families must pay full price. 


Madison has created an Art Center, Science Center, Shopping Center, and Studio Center, to appeal to any and everyone.

The Art Center is designed to display and showcase artwork that has been submitted by the local community. The goal is to show their artwork in an Art Gallery and Award multiple pieces with scholarships and an honorable mention! The Art Center will also have events such as Art Shows, Galleries, and Exhibitions.

The purpose of the Science Center is to truly and continuously find unending evidence that justifies the nature of the true and living God. We find more beauty in His work every day by analyzing the living organisms we see on earth today. 


As a result of our Science Center, we are currently doing research on proper soil specks to help us understand the health of the soil we will be using to produce the fruits and vegetables growing at the Blazed Minds School locations; furthermore, other research that is taking place is proper composting techniques that will be suitable for the soil as a good fertilizer. The Science Center is also working on a project that will create a rain filter that transforms acid rain into pure drinking water.

The Shopping Center is where Madison's sells her products. You can find it on Facebook, Poshmark, and of course here on the website. 

The Studio Center is very broad because Blazed Minds is not just any ordinary corporation. It peaks the mind of everyone, somehow. someway; so when you think of a studio, everything you thought of, We have. 

The Mouth - Ore - What You Speak & What You Hear

The Eyes - Oculi - What You Watch

The Body - Corpus - What You Feel


She has incorporated her hobbies and distractions into business. "How Sway," you say?

Blazed Minds Entertainment

This network showcases all of Madison's Hobbies in one place. 


Madison's Vlog&Blog consists of videos of her adventures and journey - the blogs are about things she cares most about. Poet's Ministry is a non-profit organization for people to come and gather around one another by sharing their testimonies and stories through, song, dance, poetry, or short stories. It is an open invitation for individuals that need to be heard. Blazed Minds Music showcases artists that Madison has worked with. Madison is also in the making of a new meditative album. She has a podcast called Blazed Minds Inc Podcast which deals with spirituality, mentality, and more. Blazed Minds Bookstore is where you will find books published by Madison, books she's selling, and book review videos.  Madison has created a basketball page for her basketball vlogs and future AAU Team (ODCRU)

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