poet's Ministry



Poet's Minsitry is a dwelling place for those who need a place to release frustration through the art of writing and spoken word! This is an outlet for all ages. If you are not comfortble at home, school, or work, you can come here and express yourself among the other members. Share your poetry, share your story, share your experience!

In everything that this foundation is set upon, we pray that it be a blessing to you. This is the natural beauty of Christ's creation to express the complex mind through literature and voice. 

This platform is to be used for those who feel like their voices are not heard. We want you to express yourself. 

This is a place of Understanding, a place of Peace. 

Christ dwells among the congregation, so He hears what you have to say! 

Our long-term goal is to be able to award students with Scholarships after winning Competitions within our corporation!


  • Open Mic 

  • Poetry Slams 

  • Spoken Word Events 

  • Journal Workshops

  • Writing Workshops

  • Blazed Minds Poetry Competitions - rewards are given

  • Journal and Supply Give-Aways