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Blazed Minds Schools are designed to give students enlightenment on five major concepts.  We have implemented courses that will help them grow spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and financially. We also focus on three other very important dimensions, which are environmental, intellectual, and occupational wellness. 

Blazed Minds Academy

This school is designed and orchestrated to teach and mentor individuals

Blazed Minds Community College

This institution is designed and Orchestrated to teach and assist individuals

Online Programs

Our four online programs are designed and orchestrated to teach individuals the importance of Science and what to do with the knowledge they have gained. 

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Kids in Preschool





blazed minds academy

Pre K

Our PreK program is designed to develop students with social skills in order to empathize and interact with other children, students, adults, and teachers.

We focus mainly on early learning concepts that will help them gain their independence and understand the world around them.


This K-5 program is designed to teach students the importance of academic learning material such as reading, writing, arts, history, mathematics, science, languages, and physical education.

Our Programs connect The Bibles timeline with everything students are learning in class.


Our 6th-8th grade program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of life. Middle School happens to be one of the most crucial times in a child's life.

Our main focus is to develop the children's character and push them to become the BEST they are destined to be.


This 9th-12th grade program is designed to prepare all of our students for real-world experiences. The program is structured to help students in areas they would like to pursue in the future.


We encourage our students to study each field carefully; therefore, when they graduate, they will know whether they would prefer to go to college or going to master a trade.

We also offer Dual-Enrollment courses and job opportunities.

College Friends


Blazed Minds Community College

Blazed Minds Community College is a two year institution.


blazed minds community college

Our Community College is designed to teach all general education courses on the collegiate level.