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odcru AAU teams

ODCRU is designed to be the embodiment of an athletic organization that portrays humble characteristics developed through intensive training.

ODCRU represents Obedient Until Death Christ Rose for Us. 

We are currently developing teams for the AAU season and will be selecting 12 middle and high school boys and girls for our teams in February 2024

  • Try-Outs will be held in February 2024

  • Our Season will last from March to August.

Our Beliefs

We believe that each player should have heart and dedication. We believe players should hustle and work as hard as they can to achieve new heights. We believe it is important for players to take pride in who they represent by showing honor to God for giving them the potential to play. We also believe players should be humble. A humble player wins the war on and off the court.

We are dedicated to developing fundamentals and character in individuals who want to achieve greatness. 

Playing Basketball